Priyanka Chopra: I’ve finally moved out of my parents’ home

Priyanka Chopra on her dream house and speculative theories around her pay cheques

Priyanka Chopra has been on the lookout for a sea-facing bungalow for the last three years. Negotiations for a property in the Darya Mahalcompound fell through in 2015 and the 33-year-old actress continued to live in her Yari Road apartment which has been her parents’ address for the last three decades.

Now, Mirror has learnt that the house-hunt has ended with the lease on a luxurious five-bedroom apartment in Juhu being drawn up earlier this year. PeeCee returned to Mumbai on May 27 after a marathon schedule of her Hollywood celluloid debut, ‘Baywatch,’ in Miami, to settle into her new digs. “I am not in Mumbai that much anymore and have finally moved out of my parents’ home. My mother (Madhu Chopra) is going, “Haaye… umbilical cord katt gaya,” because I am not living with her for the first time in my life,” she chuckles. Madhu Chopra may be bemoaning an empty nest but she is the one her star daughter turns to for advice, when it comes to real estate.PeeCee points out that her mum is her eyes and ears on the ground, especially when she’s away in the US, filming her American television series,Quantico. “She has been a risk-taker as an investor. We go back and forth on ideas and mutually work towards an agreement. We are both feisty and opinionated so we go ahead with a plan only when we are on the same page,” she admits.

Besides her monetary affairs, PeeCee’s mum is also her biggest support system and arguably the only person who’s privy to everything that’s happening in her life. “Who better to wash your dirty linen in front of?” the actress winks.

Meanwhile, her finances vie for speculation with her personal life.

People want to know if her new pad really cost a whopping Rs 35 crore, if she has actually made Rs 100 crore in the last three months from endorsements alone and if she’s indeed Bollywood’s highest paid actress, bagging as much as Rs 2 crore for award show appearances? “I wish those figures were true!” she chortles with a throaty laugh.

Doesn’t she worry that she’s going to wake up one morning to find her name in thePanama Papers? “I get compensated for what I bring to the table. These figures are exaggerated and usually not even remotely true, not just for me but for anyone in the film industry. I get paid for the attention my brand attracts,” she asserts, quick to add, “I am not offended by all the speculation though. I deal with rumours with sass and style!”
Meanwhile, Priyanka is in the bay… ‘Baywatch’ makes it’s way

Directed by Seth Gordon, ‘Baywatch,’ which marks Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood debut is set to release next summer. The film’s first poster was unveiled on Monday by the actress who plays the antagonist in the film.

Explaining her daringly different debut, Priyanka, in an earlier interview to Mirror (May 2), had reminded that she has played negative characters in a few Hindi films in the past, including Abbas-Mustan’s Aitraaz which catapulted her to fame. “People were expecting me to play the heroine in my first Hollywood film but I don’t like being conventional,” she asserted, adding with a chuckle, “It’s fun taking on all the six lifeguards.”
When asked if she would be seen in the red swimsuit made famous by Pamela Anderson on the small screen, she had said mysteriously, “Since I am not one of the lifeguards I won’t be wearing the red swimsuit. Whether I wear one or not is something you will have to wait and watch.”
While she plays the conniving bad girl, Victoria, she points out that Baywatch is more of a comedy. “It’s been all about impromptu performances and cracking jokes on and off the set,” the Quantico actress added.
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