Twitter ‘Go Live’ Periscope button now for Android, iOS

Twitter has rolled out its ‘Go-Live’ Periscope button for Android and iOS.

Apps like Snapchat let you publish real-time videos for the world to see, and then there’s Facebook, which have the live-streaming feature for its users. Similarly, Twitter has Periscope.

On Wednesday, Twitter announced the Periscope button is available to everyone, on both platforms—Android and iOS to broadcast live videos.

Screenshot of new Periscope button for Twitter on iOS and Android.

Twitter has earlier started testing its Periscope button for a small percentage of Android and iOS users.Now, it is available across all Android and iOS users.

Twitter will now provide its users with an option of adding a photo, a video, or to go live Periscope. However, it will prompt its users to download the Periscope app.

So far, the feature is still not prominent, as the Periscope button could have been placed along with other Twitter features—GIF, media, polls and locations.

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