WhatsApp adds voicemail and callback features to the app; here’s how to get them before anyone else

WhatsApp adds Voicemail and call-back features; How to use them?

WhatsApp is the world’s largest cross-platform instant messaging app with more than one billion users. While the competition is extremely tough, the Facebook-owned messaging app is doing everything to maintain its lead.

WhatsApp is known to test new features before releasing them publicly and it seems that users will be getting voicemail and call back features soon.

According to Android Police, which spotted the new features in a beta app, WhatsApp will soon introduce voice mail and call back features integrated within the calling side of the app. Interestingly users can get these features before they are officially launched on Play Store or Apple App Store by installing the app using an APK file.

How to get Voicemail and Call-back on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is testing voicemail and call back features as a part of its version 2.16.189 beta. Google Play Store beta users can get this new version before anyone else, but there is an alternative way for regular users to get the new features as well.

WhatsApp version 2.16.189 beta is available as an APK file on APK Mirror, which will add voicemail and call back features to Android smartphone users. Users must be running Android 2.3.4 and above in order to get the latest WhatsApp version on their device.

First, users must download the APK file for WhatsApp v2.16.189 beta on PC or directly on the mobile device where it must be updated. If downloading via PC, users must connect their Android smartphone to the computer using an USB cable and paste the downloaded file in one of the folders. Remember the location of the folder where the file is saved and disconnect the cable from the PC.

Navigate to the location where the WhatsApp APK was saved and tap on it. Click install when prompted and once successful, tap on open. You are currently running WhatsApp version 2.16.189. Users can verify this by going into Settings > About and help > About.

How it works?

WhatsApp’s two new features, Voicemail and Call Back, aren’t entirely new to mobile phone users. The voicemail feature lets the user send a voice message if the recipient declines the call or it goes unattended. Similarly, call back is an option at the end of a declined call that allows users to instantly place another call to the same user.

Previously when a call gets rejected by its recipient or goes unanswered, the app would abruptly return the caller to the chat window. By adding a new screen after the call has ended with three options to Cancel, Call back and Record voice message, WhatsApp is simply using its existing features in a thoughtful way.

What’s more?

Android Police noted two other features, which are in the pipeline for WhatsApp users. The FixedSys font gives a typewriter-like font while typing messages. In order to get text in the classic font, simply add “before and after the text and send. It looks like this: ”’International Business Times.”

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